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Globalization demands that cultures learn to work within each other's needs and expectations, and the right mix of people skills, business acumen, and cultural awareness is key.

Cultural DNA. The Psychology of Globalization

Cultural DNA by Gurnek Bains, by virtue of its depth, originality and ambition, is that very book for all global leaders. Flap copy Go to any part of the world and you will see much that you recognize. People are just people. But the longer you stay, the more you will realize there are profound differences that may have been invisible on the surface.

Doing Business in India: The Importance of Cultural DNA

There is no such thing as a global citizen, business or society. For example, even the most internationally recognizable firms have values systems, cultures and processes that are firmly embedded in their place of origin. The idea of cultural differences is far from new, but even in a fast globalizing world we still understand very little about the why behind these differences.

As Bains demonstrates in Cultural DNA, countless challenges can be traced directly back to this lack of understanding. Cultural DNA provides a framework for understanding and working with each of the world's significant cultures. Through an analysis of over 1, in-depth reports from executives in every region of the world, interdisciplinary research and case studies, Bains identifies the core DNA themes for each culture.

Cultural DNA: The Psychology of Globalization

Latest psychological, biological and neurobiological research demonstrates that beliefs and orientation to life are, both figuratively and literally, in our DNA. Huge variations are also apparent in other psychological genes. In Cultural DNA, Bains examines the history and psychology of eight important regions of the globe to show that we may be influenced much more by our ancient ancestors than we think. Executives and leaders at today's businesses need to become psychologists and historians if they hope to make sound long-term strategic decisions.

Cultural DNA will give readers the scientific and practical insights they need to take both differences and similarities into account. Ignoring culture can be disastrous for international firms, but approaching culture through the lens of unfounded stereotypes and incomplete knowledge is just as dangerous.

From this remarkably powerful and clear summary of what's known about the world's cultures and their origins, readers will gain the ability to proceed confidently and intelligently in the global marketplace. Why is China a world leader in manufacturing and India in IT?

Why do overseas firms often fail in the US? What are the emotional forces driving current events in the Middle East? Why are Scandinavian societies and businesses the most equal in the world? Bains steers an eclectic but carefully measured journey, in which he builds stepwise arguments, supported by anecdotal and empirical evidence from his own impressive consulting history and wider sources.

Occasionally, this cultural DNA springs from biological factors; but it arises more often from the environmental challenges that each culture faced historically or the predilections of the original founders who moved to that part of the world".

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So in short, he's saying that it's nurture over nature that governs how we think, feel, and act; but you can't separate this from our historical and geographical environment. Over time, these environmental factors, experiences, and folklores have a cumulative effect, which shape cultures.

A further difference in Bain's approach is the way in which he stands short of comparing and contrasting different world regions completely, according to one grid or ranking system. This would be over-simplistic and insensitive in his view - and this for me is the beauty of this book.

You can pick a region and immerse yourself in a rich case-study style approach to appraising the landscape, with room to arrive at your own additional conclusions. I met up with Gurnek at his offices in Central London and chewed the fat for over an hour. His PR agent was right in thinking that we'd hit it off.

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We're both science graduates who've spent our lives working in industry across the globe. Several thousand air miles later, PhDs along the way, balancing the expectations and aspirations of multicultural families and clients, have ignited our realization, fascination and obsession with people.

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Within that journey, both understanding and managing culture appears to be that perishable, precarious, alluring, and elusive x-factor - that makes, shapes, and breaks who we are as civilizations. Cultural DNA: The Psychology of Globalization As the world truly globalizes, leaders are increasingly required to engage other cultures in a deeper way than before.

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Ebook Cultural DNA. Description Additional information As the world truly globalizes, leaders are increasingly required to engage other cultures in a deeper way than before.