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And even if you are not confused, the book will provide you with some useful additional information. Carbon-neutral, yes — that sounds familiar.

How to reduce your carbon footprint (carbon emissions) at home

But climate? The answer is simple: it is not just carbon dioxide, CO 2 , that is driving climate change, even if it makes up almost 80 per cent of the climate gases including contributions from changes in land use emitted by human activities. Carbon dioxide is the most abundant greenhouse gas we are adding to the atmosphere, but it is not the only one.

An Overview: UN Climate Neutrality | Greening the Blue

The international climate change treaty, the Kyoto Protocol, limits the emissions of six main GHGs produced by human activities see table. This should be achieved by reducing your own GHG emissions as much as possible, and using carbon offsets to neutralize the remaining emissions.

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Dear EarthTalk: What does "carbon neutral" really mean? And is it really possible to live in such a manner without just resorting to buying carbon credits? Carbon neutral is a term that has sprouted many definitions, and how to achieve it has spawned numerous interpretations, too.

Kick the Habit - A UN Guide to Climate Neutrality (Paperback)

Tracking carbon is great, but carbon dioxide CO2 is only one of several greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming, says the publication, Kick the Habit: A U. Limits on all six gases were called for by the Kyoto Protocol international climate treaty. Semantics aside, whether a person can live in a climate-neutral manner is a question of lifestyle choices and making improvements over time. Start your climate neutral quest by calculating your energy usage.

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