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These are all major steps in a very short time period, and frankly, some of these moves seem awkward at best. Starting with Red Hat's embrace of CentOS , I'm of the mind this is ultimately a good development, if also inevitable. Often it can be found accompanying RHEL installations in the same infrastructures.

System requirements

This is how big server back ends have been built and operated for years now. It is and always has been a sandbox distro. It has never been seriously considered as a production server operating system. The workstation focus seems obvious, as it's historically been a Fedora strength.

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But with Red Hat announcing that Fedora will be offered in workstation, cloud, and server flavors, I have to wonder about the ultimate goal. Is Red Hat aiming Fedora Server at small-business workloads? Why a cloud version?

Most folks building out cloud server architectures definitely do not want unstable packages floating around, and the idea of using Fedora for production cloud workloads is highly questionable at best. A lot has changed since then. In , the big changes were about improved Windows interoperability, better Virtual Machine VM support, making XFS the default file system, and, oh yes, making Docker available as a beta feature.

It uses the upstream Linux kernel 4.

Underneath this, Wayland works as the default display server. The X.

Privileged Access Management Solutions

Org server will still be available. With this, it will be easier than ever to upgrade userspace packages -- such as the latest programming languages -- while leaving the core operating system packages alone. This way you can, if you want, get the most from the newest programs without waiting around for the next major update. With Application Streams, you can also keep multiple versions of the same package around.

This enables you to be able to install multiple major versions of a program. Besides supporting modules, it's now based on the next generation DNF package manager, and it provides support for modular content, increased performance, and a well-designed stable application programming interface API for integration with tooling. System-wide Cryptographic Policies are also being included. This will make it easier to manage cryptographic compliance without fine-tuning security specifications for specific applications.

Red Hat releases Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 beta | ZDNet

Its new container toolkit includes: Buildah , container building; Podman , running containers; and Skopeo , sharing and finding containers. These are meant to help developers find, run, build, and share containerized applications more quickly and efficiently.

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  3. PostgreSQL Yum Repository.

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux & Fedora Edition (DVD): The Complete Reference

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