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Simply put, the bricoleur breaks down literary works into themes and motifs and inserts these components into new contexts. I have always used a very wide number of references because [I tend] to regard all of Western Europe as a great scrap-yard from which you can assemble all sorts of new vehicles… bricolage. Basically, all the elements which are available are to do with the margin of the imaginative life, which is in fact what gives reality to our own experience, and in which we measure our own reality.

A young Englishman, Evelyn, arrives in America in an undetermined, apocalyptic time.

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There he is captured by a cult of women and undergoes an involuntary sex change and becomes Eve. Reborn as a woman, enslaved and sexually abused, Eve confronts her misogynist past. Now able to empathize with her, Eve no longer sees Tristessa as an object of male desire. Throughout this experiment in feminist renversement , Carter plays with Baudelaire. Through this strategy, the city is represented as an unreal wasteland, suspended in a void between the past and the present. This terrible landscape, such as mortal never witnessed — again this morning its image, vague and far-off, enraptured me […] Babel of staircases, of arcades, an infinite palace it was, teeming with basins, with cascades tumbling into rough or burnished gold, ponderous cataracts hanging like crystal curtains, dazzling, on metallic walls.

Colonnades, rather than trees, surrounded still pools in which gigantic naiads, like women, admired themselves. The rational project underlying the city of New York is obscured by its progressive deterioration. Evelyn has no point of reference for New York. The sun beat down on that rotten meat, as if to be sure it was well done, and to render unto Mother Nature a hundredfold all she had joined together. And the sky watched that superb carcass blossom like a flower, the stench so strong you thought you might fall in a faint on the grass.

In both cases, animals feed off of human remains — whether it be flesh or refuse — in a grotesque display of carnivorism.

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Carter makes no direct citation or reference, only allusion. However, the reappearance of the city as seen by Baudelaire as a place of chaos and decrepitude cannot be cast off as mere coincidence.

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This term has no exact translation in English — stroller or ambler providing only approximations of its meaning. Along the old outskirts of town, where Venetian blinds in hovel hide secret lecheries, when the cruel sun strikes with redoubled ray town and country, rooftop and wheatfield, I go to practice by myself my whimsical swordsmanship, sniffing at any corner for chance rhymes, tripping over words like curbs, bumping sometimes into lines long sought in dreams Unemployed, Evelyn certainly is, but male — not for long.

From the very first pages of the novel, Carter presents Evelyn as a wanderer. He moves from London to New York. Horrible ville! Try as he might to escape the city and, as seen above, the evil it embodies, he cannot. Likewise, in The Passion of New Eve , Evelyn discovers in the cityscape a reflection of his own psyche.


Evelyn plans to flee crumbling New York, to a thought-to-be uninhabited part of the world:. I would go to the desert, to the waste heart of that vast country, the desert on which they turned their backs for fear it would remind them of emptiness — the desert, the arid zone, there to find, chimera of chimeras, there in the ocean of sand, among the bleached rocks of the untenanted part of the world, I thought I might find that most elusive of all chimeras, myself p.

The desert is a feminine space for Carter, ruled by a tribe of women and created in opposition to the decaying city. It is in the desert that we meet a third Baudelairean figure, that of the dandy. According to Baudelaire, the dandy is a creature who emerges in periods of transition, his own era marked by the transformation of the city into a modern, industrial one.

The dandy rejects work and condemns the production of anything but his own carefully tended self. The dandy is an actor, possessing rigorous self-discipline and absolute self-control. He must live and sleep in front of a mirror. Woman is the opposite of the Dandy.

Therefore she should inspire horror. She is in rut and she wants to get laid. And above all, he makes the right choices, those one would expect from an award-winning poet and seasoned translator Kerr, Choice. He is capable of compression, successfully handling the text's moments of laconic satire the wealthy drinking from 'glasses larger than their thirst' Above all, he keeps faith with Baudelaire's overarching aim: to accommodate things, and people, out of place, in a language equally alienated.

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There, his prose provided a sober caution against poetic inebriation; here it registers the sorry morning-after of the lyric subject. To find out how to look for other reviews, please see our guides to finding book reviews in the Sciences or Social Sciences and Humanities.

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Bowker Data Service Summary. This is a modernist classic translated for the 21st century. Between and his death in , Charles Baudelaire inaugurated a new, and in his own words 'dangerous', hybrid form in a series of prose poems known as 'Paris Spleen. Between and his death in , Charles Baudelaire inaugurated a new--and in his own words "dangerous"--hybrid form in a series of prose poems known as Paris Spleen.

Important and provocative, these fifty poems take the reader on a tour of s Paris, through gleaming cafes and filthy side streets, revealing a metropolis on the eve of great change. In its deliberate fragmentation and merging of the lyrical with the sardonic, Le Spleen de Paris may be regarded as one of the earliest and most successful examples of a specifically urban writing, the textual equivalent of the city scenes of the Impressionists.

In this compelling new translation, Keith Waldrop delivers the companion to his innovative translation of The Flowers of Evil. Here, Waldrop's perfectly modulated mix releases the music, intensity, and dissonance in Baudelaire's prose. The result is a powerful new re-imagining that is closer to Baudelaire's own poetry than any previous English translation. Good Dogs Table of Contents provided by Publisher. All Rights Reserved.

Paris Spleen

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The False Coin. The Rope. The Thyrsus. Be Drunk. One AM. The Crowd. The Old Showman. The Clock. Fairy Gifts. Moon Favors. A Thoroughbred. The Mirror. The Port.