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Such changes from the photograph to the painting as the almost painfully negative space that evolves between the two figures, the boy's feet angling away from his mother, the emphasis on the eyes, and the expansion of the dark rectangle to create a sort of Madonna-like "cloth of honor" behind his mother's head as well as many more subtle differences all serve to communicate the emotional pain of the loss of his mother, whom he will never see or touch again, as well as to raise her to the status of immortal icon.

The rigid, architectonic geometry of private houses dominates the composition, while the warm, joyful palette imbues the view of the New York borough with the appearance of the South of France.

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Between and , Gorky produced a ten panel large-scale mural cycle for Newark Airport. Of the original murals, only two still exist; the others were either destroyed or somehow disappeared. Gorky was one of the very few New Deal muralists to paint in an abstract language. In this mural, Gorky shows the continuing influence of European Modernism.

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While clearly engaged with the Cubist vocabulary of Picasso and Braque, the brilliant colors, and mechanized forms of these murals are strongly indebted to Fernand Leger. Gorky has harmoniously brought together different strands of modernism, which he uses to celebrate modern aeronautics, flight, and speed.

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Here, Gorky successfully deploys the language of pure abstraction with biomorphism along with a more literal representation of the United State with flight paths relevant to Newark. The modern, abstract style of these brightly colored murals sparked controversy in the s as the public prized American Scene realism. Each panel stirs within the viewer the excitement of the modern machine age and spectacle of air travel in the Depression era.

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Further, through the mural's public placement within Newark airport, Gorky successfully introduced modernist vocabulary to a greater, non-art viewing segment of society. Content compiled and written by The Art Story Contributors.

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Students' minds often wander, yet we know little about how mind-wandering affects attention during video lectures. Two studies examined eye movement patterns of mind-wandering during video lectures. In both studies, mind-wandering reports were collected by either self-caught reports or thought probes. Results were similar across both studies and both mind-wandering report methods: Mind-wandering was associated with an increased proportion of fixations on the instructor.

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For fixations on the slides, the average duration increased but the dispersion decreased over time. Therefore, during mind-wandering, learners changed how they viewed the slides as the instructor became increasingly more attractive to them. These patterns tended to revert to "normal" soon after MW reports.

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Overall, these findings are a step toward understanding how learners' attention is affected during mind-wandering, and may facilitate efforts in finding ways to objectively identify mind-wandering. For journal preprint policies, see SHeRPa. Read Article at publisher's site. How does Europe PMC derive its citations network? Protein Interactions.

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